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:drpg: The universe of DinoRPG has evolved once more and this time we invite you to try out the biggest and best update since the game was launched!

Unsettling events are afoot, The Magnetic Steppes are covered in a strange fog.
If you have the Negative Lodestone Shard, you'll be able to ask the Rockies King what's going on...

  • An immense new quest leads you to far away lands and a new world.
  • The evolution of the maximum level of dinoz, the race is on to have the first level 60 dinoz.
  • An all-new skills tree featuring 78 new techniques with which to make your dinoz even more powerful.
  • A brand new dinoz, the Etherwasp, makes a long-awaited entrance. Will you be able to find its invocation?
  • new magic objects are now available in the Dinotown shop.
  • A new system of FREE actions has been added allowing you to level younger dinoz more quickly.
  • And a few more surprises for you to discover yourself...

May the spirit of adventure be with you!