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Last weekend, the Motion-Twin team took part in "Ludum Dare", a challenge to make a game from scratch in 48 hours! The results? Here are 7 games which were created in 48h in our studio, which are all there for you to try out! :D

:kk_etoile_verte: Seven games created from scratch in our studio last weekend!

:arrow: Click on the links to play!

:kk_there: The Balance by Mr_Hk_
and friends Reuno, Kuru et Abe !

:kk_there: Strike of rage by deepnight

:kk_there: Beetle Field by bumdum

:kk_there: Evoland by warp

:kk_there: Bact Guerrilla by kiroukou

:kk_there: Evolv by our friend Valandre

:kk_there: Promoted by our friends
Carduus, 01101101 and Mathzic !

:cute: Who are all these beautiful people?!

:na_kubor: Mr_Hk_, Deepnight, Bumdum, Warp et Kiroukou are of course members of
the Motion-Twin team, the guys who made Twinoid. We also had some guests!

:na_kubor: Valandre, 01101101 and Carduus are some friends that came to join us.
Together they make PrAcTeam, another cool independent studio !

:na_kubor: Mathzic (M. Hallouin) is a friend of PrAcTeam who makes great music!

:na_kubor: Reuno, Kuru and Abe also work in the video game universe,
you'll find details on each of them in the intro for "The Balance". :)