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The end of the Halloween Hunt!

The hunt wound up with a victory from Aleblacksito. Congratulations to the new master monster hunter!
Congratulations are also in order for the rest of the Dino Masters who fought valiantly in the hunt, notably Master mtp85 who took second place and Master Padrone who took third place on the podium. For the full list of rankings click here.

The prizes were given out a little later than usual because of some changes that we've made to the system. Our apologies but this should make things a lot smoother in the future.

The winner of the Inter Dojo Tournament!

Let's give a round of applause to DarkShogun for becoming the new champion of Dinoland after their victory over Raynor!

The next tournament will be held in January, the rules will be as follows :

  • No equipment for the qualification rounds!
  • No restriction on access to the tournament!
  • 5 vs 5 with 5 different races of Dinos required!
  • Only magic items will be allowed!
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