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Happy Birthday DinoRPG

From the 4th of November right up until the 11th of November at 15:00 sharp we'll be celebrating the beginning of this grand epic and Halloween. The day that it all started on the French server should be celebrated by everyone and given that the Monster Hunt is underway and Halloween has just passed... We're starting up a promotion where you can win: Stacks of gold! Piles of ingredients, Tac tickets, Rare dino eggs and more!

  • You'll receive a Birthday Card for every 10,000 obtained in the Bank of Dinoland, whatever your favourite method of payment. (It also works with Treasury notes ).
  • Bring one of your Dinoz to Frish Port to use your Tickets in the Sand Castle Game!
  • Win rare Moueffe eggs as well as rare rocky eggs
  • Every SMS code earns you a card.
  • 100% of the Birthday cards will win a prize!
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