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Battle begins on the 20th of May 2014 at 15h!

Prepare your dinoz, sharpen their claws and teeth, reunite the clan members, assemble your war council, and recruit the most powerful masters to fight under your banner...

The King would like to remind you of the main rules of engagement:
  • XP gain is boosted in battles during the war.
  • Mana gain will be allocated depending on the aggression shown by an attacking clan at the moment when the defending castle falls.
  • A clan will earn a fixed quantity of mana for every hour their castle remains standing.
  • It will not be possible to change clan during this war.

The Prize List:

:drpg_eau: 1st clan: :drpg_map_fj: Winner's Epic Reward + 3 :drpg_map_default: Napodinos + 150 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 2nd - 5th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 3 :drpg_map_default: Napodinos + 100 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 6th - 10th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 2 :drpg_map_default: Napodinos + 150 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 11th - 20th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 2 :drpg_map_default: Napodinos + 100 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 21st - 30th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 1 :drpg_map_default: Napodino + 150 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 31st - 40th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 1 :drpg_map_default: Napodino + 75 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 41st - 50th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 1 :drpg_map_default: Napodino + 25 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes
:drpg_eau: 51st - 60th clan: :drpg_map_fj: Epic Reward + 50 :drpg_bon: Treasury Notes

A whole month at war will make Dinoland shake!

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