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From the 17th to the 31st of Décembre 2014 up until midnight!

Take part in our extravagant Christmas competition and win millions in gold, stacks of ingredients, and rare Wanwan eggs!

  • You'll get an Xmas Ticket with each lot of 10.000 bought from the Bank of Dinoland, no matter which payment method you use (the same goes for Treasury Notes where 10 notes earns you 1 ticket).
  • Bring a Dino to Dinotown to use your tickets in the Snowplough Game!
  • Every ticket guarantees you a prize!
  • Every SMS code will earn you a ticket!
  • Eggs from the Rare Wanwan and Santaz are on offer!

The entire DinoRPG team wishes you happy holidays and a merry Christmas!

The Clan Championships are starting in January and to really take advantage of the upcoming promotion get involved in another Monster Hunt!

The monsters are still lurking in Grumhel Forest, on the Magnetic Steppes and The Dark World.
This Hunt will run until the 23rd of December at 15:00 server time!


The best hunters will receive these goodies:

:drpg_neutre: 1st place: 1 Etherwasp Egg + Epic Reward + 100 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 2nd - 5th: 1 Feross Egg + 60 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 6th - 10th: 1 Kabuki egg + 30 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 11th - 20th: 5 Tac Tickets + 10 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 21st - 50th: 50 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 51st - 100th: 25 Treasury Notes


Each time you pass a new level in your personal rankings you'll unblock:

:drpg_neutre: 500 points: 5 Madam Irma's Potions
:drpg_neutre: 1000 points: 2 Authentic Warm Bread
:drpg_neutre: 1500 points: 2 Authentic Warm Bread + 3 Angel Potions
:drpg_neutre: 2000 points: 1 Pack of Nimbao island objects
:drpg_neutre: 3000 points: 2 Tac Tickets
:drpg_neutre: 4000 points: 200 Demon Tickets
:drpg_neutre: 5000 points: 100 Treasury Notes
:drpg_neutre: 6000 points: 1 Gold Napodino

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