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:hordes: After many long months of toiling over a project that we were all calling “the spiritual successor to Die2Nite” we spent two days hacking it to pieces and two weeks picking up these bloody shreds and putting together what we think will be your next favourite zombie game.

:hordes_mort: Without any further ado, we present to you: Dead Cells! This will be our first truly “cross-platform” game which will be available on Android, iOS and the web some time in the coming months.

:hordes_porte: The idea is: you and several friends will find yourselves in a house with a horde of ravenous zombies approaching. You will have to set traps, barricade windows and doors and jostle for the best position to shoot from. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible, but, there can be only one winner…

:O Follow us on twitter and keep your eyes and ears open for more information about the development, the blood, sweat and tears, the tantrums and the surprise visit to Germany that have made this project possible. Over the next few months and leading up to a release we’ll be doing our best to get you as excited as we are about our new baby!

:hordes_arma: For those of you who can’t wait, feel free to bombard us on Twitter and BookFace until we beg for mercy, we know the zombies won’t show you any once the game is out, so why should you?

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