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The ZombVival Item Designer Contest is over, all your votes have been counted and we finally have the results.

The winner of this contest is ExoticAsAlways, with his idea "Bicycle"! Congratulations!

As promised, he'll get the Die2Nite :hordes_bgum_1: Event-Distinction, a set of Twinoid Emoticons as well as 3 Event-Achievements for ZombVival. Also, his idea will be implemented with the next big ZombVival update.

Hannes96 was only missing 3 votes for the first place with his idea "Seeds, Rake and Watering Can". Since I (and a lot of other people, appearently) still like the idea, I have decided to implement it anyways.

Therefore, Hannes96 wins the Twinoid-Emoticons as well as 2 Event-Achievements for ZombVival.

For reaching the finals, floAr, OfficerOcelot, Xxerox and Uberdog will receive the Twinoid Emoticons and 1 Event-Achievement for ZombVival.

A lot of people have submitted cool ideas, and of course not everyone could reach the finals. But don't worry, you won't have to go home empty-handed. Everyone who has submitted a valid idea will receive a Booby Prize Achievement for ZombVival.

We will start distributing the prizes shortly. Thanks for participating! Also, a special thanks goes to all the helpers behind the scenes, especially Joanne, FirePony1798 and darkMK.

I hope you had fun in this contest, and I'd love to see you over at ZombVival from time to time in the future :)


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