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« A 3D construction game where cubic creativity knows no boundaries »
Amateurs, Artisans and Architects,

We are giving away 5 MT Passes to the best constructions submitted in the Official Contest Forum!

There are no guidelines, no set patterns, and no limits except your imagination. The contest will end on the 30th of March at 15h00. Entries posted after this time will not be considered. Check out the pictures below for a little inspiration:

*thanks to the In-Extremis team for the above pictures

*thanks to the El Conejo Espectral Costarricense team for the above pictures

*thanks to the Liga Mitrilo group for the above picture

It doesn't end there! The winning entries will be featured in the news and on Facebook, forever earning you Kube fame and recognition!

Judges decisions are final etc. etc.. ;)