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Instagram: share story – how it works
• Instagram: share stories of others
• Instagram: Share someone else's Post in your own story
Stories are some of the most popular content on Instagram. If you have discovered a cool story from another user, the content can also be shared in your own feed. We will show you how it works and what you should pay attention to.

In order to share content from other users on your own Instagram profile, certain conditions must be met.

Instagram: share the story of others
The most important requirement for sharing an Instagram story is that you have been tagged in the relevant content. In addition, the contributor's profile must not be set to " private. " How to share a story on Instagram:

1. Make sure you're tagged in the Post. The creator has to press the sticker icon when publishing the story and then mention you accordingly.

2. Also, the option Should people you mention be able to post this in their story? Be activated.

3. If the Post with your tag is published, you will be informed. Open the notification to find the Post this to your story button.

4. Before the Post is shared by you, you can edit it.

5. Once the editing is complete, you add the content to your story.

If you missed or deleted the notification, you will find the share option in your direct message inbox.

Instagram: Share someone else's Post in your own story
External posts can also be integrated into your own Instagram story. To do this, select the desired content and tap on the message symbol, the paper airplane. Here you get the option to add the Post to your story. However, this only works with posts in the feed and not with stories from other users.

You can use the editing functions to add additional effects or text to your image. A reference to the author's account of the image is automatically added.

Even when reposting a post in your own story, the account with the picture must be set to public and allow sharing of your own posts. The detour of saving images from Instagram stories as screenshots and then publishing them yourself is not recommended. On the one hand, the effort involved with several images is very high. Copyright also applies to Instagram. If a user does not want their content to be shared, there is a high probability that reposting via screenshot is also not desired.

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