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On 29 June 2012
[?] Master Historian

:drpg_pdays_5: DINORPG FORUM RULES :drpg_pdays_5:

Hello, and welcome to the DinoRPG forums! This thread will teach you what you need to do to use the forums

This forum rules are very general, Warning, Bans and Global bans are not limited to theses rules.

1. For the comfort of all:

:hordes_fleche: Search for your topic before posting.If you want to talk about something, make sure that a thread about that subject doesn't already exist.:hordes_fleche: Please avoid the spam."Spam" is not just one kind of post, it's an umbrella term for several things that are unacceptable. Here are some examples of spam, please note that this is not a comprehensive list:

:hordes_!!: Excessive use of smilies
:hordes_!!: Making an excessive amount of posts/replies
:hordes_!!: Posting nonsense
:hordes_!!: Posting something completely unrelated to the topic/forum
:hordes_fleche: Please avoid private discussions on the forum: use the mail system for such discussions.If you know sensitive information, do not post it in the forums. Some examples of this would be:

:hordes_!!: Verbatim chat logs
:hordes_!!: Information from closed beta tests
:hordes_!!: Personal information about a user
:hordes_fleche: Please avoid answers like "useless topic" or "search" which don't help. When you don't know, say nothing. All usless answers are considered as flood or off-topic, and so, is punished.
2. Advertising

:hordes_fleche: Links for websites, blogs, or forums speaking about DinoRPG that don't require registration are allowed.
:hordes_fleche: Links for other MT (Motion-Twin) games are forbidden except in the official, corresponding topic.
:hordes_fleche: Only youtube links related to DinoRPG are allowed.
:hordes_fleche: All other links not-related to DinoRPG are forbidden.
3.Cheating. (all kinds of cheating are strictly forbidden)

:hordes_fleche: CheatingIf you discover a case of cheating, please inform a moderator right away by Private Message only. Some examples of cheating are:

:hordes_!!: Account sales.
:hordes_!!: Code demands.
:hordes_!!: Theft of Accounts.
:hordes_!!: MultiAccounts.
:hordes_fleche: Exploiting of TwinoID or a GameIf you have found a means to exploit Twinoid or a game on the network, please report it via the technical support site. Do not promote the use of the glitch, program, script, etc. that lets you do things in a way that the developers did not intend. If a player is found to be exploiting twinoID or the game, whether to gain extra turns/objects/money or to modify the game this is considered cheating and will result in the immediate closure of their account. :hordes_fleche: For Your SecurityNever give your password to somebody on forums mail or any other place. Moderators and administrators will never ask you for your password. Lending your account to others is strictly forbidden. If someone is asking for your password by mail, E-Mail or any other system contact epoq
4. Rudeness and Insults

Lack of respect:hordes_fleche: ALL kind of lack of respect toward any masters, moderators or administrators are forbidden. Some examples are:

:hordes_!!: Insults.
:hordes_!!: Swear words.
:hordes_!!: Provocations.
:hordes_!!: Out of place moans.
:hordes_!!: Rude Posts.
:hordes_!!: All kinds of pornographic or racist messages
:hordes_!!: And any other discourteous/ unkind messages in general.
5. The DinoRPG Team.

:hordes_fleche: Moderators' or Administrators' decisions All decisions taken by the moderators or administrators concerning the bans, topics closing or reasonable demands, must be respected and accepted without criticism. If you have any questions or are confused about why a mod / admin did something, please send a Private Message with your concerns.:hordes_fleche: Administrator:The only admin in charge on the English DinoRPG server is:

:hordes_fleche: Moderators:The moderators are volunteer staff, so don't give them too much grief! Moderators are very willing to listen, and help deal with issues. However, moderators don't have any powers in-game, so they can't help solve every issue you have. The Actual Moderators are:

:hordes_!!: JTelcontar
:hordes_!!: Kayin
:hordes_!!: Pigov
:hordes_!!: Mialmeri
:hordes_!!: Afreet
:hordes_!!: Aleblacksito
:hordes_fleche: The moderators aren't only here to apply the rules, but will also help and just chat.
6. Language :hordes_fleche: Official Language English is the only official language on the forums. It's an english version of Dinorpg, so the forum has to be in english. Posts written in other languages will be removed, please use the private messages (via the section "Mail";) or your clan's forum for other languages.7. Topic Title :hordes_fleche: For the comfort of all, we will not tolerate any new thread without the right subject/topic title any more. If you want to talk about the "madam x" "The Black Briefcase" mission, please state it in your topic title.8. Offenses.

:hordes_fleche:OffensesThis is a non-exhaustive list of offences and the minimum sanction you can get:

:hordes_!!: Flood/Out of place message/SMS Language: 3 days.
:hordes_!!: Swear words: 2 weeks + post(s) censored.
:hordes_!!: Clan membership request: 3 days.
:hordes_!!: Unauthorized advertising: 3 days + ads deleted.
:hordes_!!: Useless topic/post creation: 3 days.
:hordes_!!: Account selling/exchange: perma-ban + account closure.
:hordes_!!: Any kind of racist/pornographic topic: instant perma-ban.
:hordes_!!: Provocation on any topic: 1 week + post(s) deleted.

:hordes_!!::hordes_!!::hordes_!!: Offensive remarks (with insults or none) against Motion Twin company and/or moderation team and/or any other player, from DinoRPG or outside of it: 3 days + post(s) deleted.

Last edited: On 06 December 2013
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On 29 June 2012
[?] Master Historian

:drpg_pdays_5: DinoRPG Policies :drpg_pdays_5:

1. Spoilers Policy

:hordes_fleche: Newly released content can be discussed on the forums in the appropriate Official topics. These official topics will now be marked with a [Spoilers] tag, indicating that you may find spoilers inside immediately after the new content is released (no 7 day wait). Please be aware of this before you read them!

:hordes_fleche: Spoilers MUST be kept to just the official [Spoilers] topics. Topics without this tag should be safe zones for users who do NOT want to see spoilers within the first 7 days of release.

:hordes_fleche: Step-by-step walkthroughs will not be allowed in the [Spoilers] topics. This includes walkthroughs as well as any majorly detailed explanations (such as you might get from another server that already has the content). Please wait at least 7 days from release before sharing this kind of detailed information on the public forums.

:hordes_fleche: External links to step-by-step walkthroughs or other spoiler information will not be allowed in the [Spoilers] topics. Please mail other users or use your clan private forums if you would like to share this information.

:hordes_fleche: Content released on other DinoRPG servers (FR, ES, DE) but NOT on the DinoRPG EN server will still be moderated and removed. The only content allowed in [Spoilers] topics is what has been released here on our own EN server.

:hordes_fleche: Public Clan Pages cannot contain spoilers for newly release content until 7 days have passed from the release date.

:hordes_fleche: Those who doesn´t follow theses rules will receive sanctions
2. Bumping Policy

:hordes_fleche: Bumping a clan thread will be limited to one "bump", "up", "refresh" etc. in any 48 hour period per clan.

:hordes_fleche: The 48 hour period begins at the time of the Last Post before the last Bump

:hordes_fleche: The first offence will receive a warning for the whole clan, and continued breach of the rules will be punished with forum bans. Bans will only be for the master responsible.

:drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_pdays_5: The DinoRPG Moderation Team :drpg_pdays_5::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love:

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On 29 June 2012
[?] Master Historian

:hordes_!!: Information on the forum in regards of legal terms :hordes_!!:

Freedom of expression doesn’t intervene on the internet when it goes through a private host (here Motion Twin).
In fact, legally speaking, Motion Twin could be criticized about the players comments on his site, that’s why the moderation existed.

In the worst case, the T&A can be invoked:
Words or other data (images, etc.) sent by users are under their entire responsibility.
Motion Twin protects itself by engaging the author responsibility from the moment he accepted these Terms.
Motion Twin reserves the right to remove any item sent by a user on its own initiative or after having been seized by a third party.
Then, we put in place for moderation: the user who has accepted the T&A has also agreed to see his comments to be moderate without notice or prior consultation and without consideration with respect to freedom of expression.

Do not confuse freedom of expression with the publication requirement.

Nobody can forbid me to talk about blue dinozs. But no one is obliged to listen to me and publish my writing. If Times magazine refused to publish my article on blue dinozs, it isn’t a hindrance to my freedom of expression. It's the same for MT forums.

In short: freedom of expression isn’t saying whatever you want on a forum; it’s the right to create its own forum elsewhere if the editorial line doesn’t please you.

Legally, this forum is not a public space, but a private space open to the public, just like a private house whose owner would have opened the doors to you.

:drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_pdays_5: The DinoRPG Moderation Team :drpg_pdays_5::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love::drpg_love:

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On 30 June 2012
[?] Master Historian

In addition, please read the Terms and Conditions! By creating a Twinoid account, you have already agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Make sure you read them thoroughly. The Terms and Conditions are the base of our rules hence if you brake them you will be get a ban on the forums

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