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What is it?

Twinoid lets you play all the best free flash games on the net with one single account! Action, adventure and excitement, and all playable directly from any browser - no downloads!

The Twinoid Bar

What is it?

Personal Updates

All my Twinoid games with 1 click

A menu (soon to be customizable) will allow you to instantly jump from one game to another!

You no longer have to log in to each game individually, Twinoid does all the work. Furthermore, your personal information and your friends will go everywhere with you!

Friend List

A global friend list

Keep in touch with your friends as you go along, regardless of which game you're playing.

The new friends list also allows you to chat easily with the people that count.

Personal Updates

How are your friends doing?

You can easily see how your friends are progressing in the various games in the Twinoid network!

It's really easy to comment on their progress and chat with other players.

Twinoid game updates

The all-new "Updates Centre"

You can keep up to date on all the latest news and updates thanks to a clever information system in your Twinoid bar which is available 24/7.

Player search

Find players quickly and easily by their name

The Twinoid bar allows you to quickly find a player using their nickname. If the player is in your contacts, their name will appear at the top of your search results.

Things to know

Has Motion Twin been bought over?

No :)

Twinoid is an official Motion Twin project which seeks to unite our communities to give them all additional features, content and support.

When will all this be happening?

You will be kept up to date via your Twinoid bar. The whole team is actively involved in the project and is committed to improving Twinoid!