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Please don't contact these groups unless it is necessary, so as not to annoy the players who graciously give up their time to help you all out. :)
DinoRPG Mods If you're experiencing difficulties or have a question and you can't find the answer on our support site, then contact the moderators of DinoRPG (EN). They will pass important messages on to the admins.
Die2Nite Crows The place to go to contact a Crow. Only if you can't find the answer you're looking for on the forums/support site. All serious issues will be escalated by the mods to an admin.
Kadokado Mods For questions and requests that haven't already been addressed in the forums and on the support site, contact a moderator. All important requests will be passed on to the admins.
Arkadeo Mods Having a problem that you can't fix? Tried the support site and the forums? Then contact your friendly neighbourhood moderator. All serious issues will be directed to an admin.
Teacher Story Mods Go straight to the principle! Contact a mod if you are having serious problems. Please check the forums/support site before sending a message. All serious issues will be bumped up to an admin.
Mush Mods Here you can leave a message for the moderation team for Mush (EN) if you need assistance, or if you've been unfairly dealt with in the game.
The AnimACTION Team The animaction area is a place open to any players looking to organize events on any of Motion Twin's games. You can suggest ideas and the AnimACTION Team will help you with the details and help get your project ready for launch!
Rockfaller Mods The place to go if the Mole O'Matic has broken down. Please check the forum/support site before asking a questions. Serious issues will be passed on to an admin.
DinoRPG animators Users in here are privileged animators